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More Oceania Cities Convert Streetlights to LED and Adopt Smart Lighting Applications

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Australia and New Zealand are increasing their investment in smart city applications with more LED streetlights conversion projects going on in different cities.

(Image: Pixabay)

Telensa, the UK-based smart city and street lighting specialist, announced the partnership with City of Darwin in Australia. The company will provide its PLANet intelligent street lighting system and replace about 10,000 street and public lights with wirelessly connected LEDs. These streetlights will then be controlled by the Telensa Central Management System (CMS) and hosted in Australia by Amazon Web Services. This project follows a Northern Territory Government initiative to transfer the control of street lights to councils.

The Sunshine Coast Council also began a smart street lighting pilot project in the Maroochydore City Center with Telensa since September 2018 with the aim to create social, environmental and financial benefits with smart city applications.

In New Zealand, Tauranga City has started a LED converting project which will replace over 7,000 street lights over the next year. According to Tauranga City, the light with a color temperature of 3000K will be installed to deliver warmer white light. With power efficient LED, the City Council expect the project would save energy cost for the city.

The Dunedin City in New Zealand is also calling for new LED street lights in the city. The City Council has trailed new 3000K in some parts for the city since 2018 before the replacement of the city’s 15,000 high-pressure sodium streetlights. However, there has been discussion about the suitable color temperature of the streetlights. Some suggested 2400K lights would be more suitable for the city instead of 3000K lights.

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